Equipment Application

Industrial equipment casters are frequently placed under heavy loads and subjected to rough treatment and continuous use. Needless to say, for industrial casters, durability is of utmost importance. When determining load weight limitations, consideration must also be made for how higher stresses will affect the maneuverability of the caster. Different floor conditions will also call for different diameter casters. A smaller diameter wheel can be used for smooth surfaces, but rough, uneven surfaces will require a larger diameter caster.

Climate conditions can also limit the appropriate material of choice for the caster. Extreme weather conditions such as sub-freezing temperatures or wet outdoor climates need to be taken into consideration.

The Lei Ming manufacturing process is a large scale, completely integrated procedure designed for efficient mass production of custom designed casters. Lei Ming has its own product design department. Injection mold production and plastic injection is done on site. Metal stamping, surface processing and assembly complete the manufacturing process. Lei Ming has produced hundreds of models of customized casters for customers worldwide.

  • Industrial Equipment Caster Brakes:

    Heavy-duty casters used for industrial machinery applications often need a brake-locking system. There are various options available for Industrial Caster brake arrangements.

  • Load Range:

    Lei Ming manufacturers equipment casters with load ratings from 50kg to 120kg. (110lbs to 265lbs) These come in a range of sizes, wheel diameters, materials, and designs.

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