Display Industry

  • For added functionality and mobility for your displays, there is nothing like adding casters to the appliance. A well-designed caster will enhance the overall appeal of your appliances, while adding incredible flexibility of use.
    • Picking the Right Caster Wheel Material

      When choosing the caster wheel material, consideration must be made for the flooring the casters will be used on. For finished wood floors and finished concrete floors, plastic, rubber, and urethane coated iron are good choices. Urethane coated iron, urethane plastic, or high-temperature nylon casters work well on inorganic flooring. For vinyl or rubber tiles, urethane coated iron, rubber, or plastic are your best choices.

    • Consider the Load Capacity

      In choosing the density of your caster material, you will want to find a balance between the strength and endurance of a harder, denser material, and the cushioning and noise reducing qualities of a softer, less dense material. Usually, the more dense and heavier the material, the higher the load bearing capacity. On the other hand, choosing a denser material with a higher load capacity might damage your floor. With proper consideration for flooring, you will be able to choose the best caster material.

    • Selecting the Right Mounting Option

      There are a variety of mounting options which can be adapted to various situations.

  • Guidelines for Selecting Casters Based on Floor Conditions:

    Plate mounted casters distribute the load over a wide attachment area, allowing the caster to carry heavier loads. The caster has a top plate which can be easily mounted to the bottom surface of almost any item. Plate mounted casters are generally able to carry heavier weight loads than stem mounted casters.

  • Stem Mounted Casters:

    For easy mobility in areas where space is limited, a stem mounted caster offers a lot of flexibility. Stem mounted casters are your best choice for chair legs, table legs, furniture, and for medical equipment that often needs to be transported in narrow confines.

    Stem mounted casters can be easily incorporated into the design of most furniture, such as display machine and so on. For heavier items, a stem mounted caster can be used with a grip ring to give added support.

If you would like help choosing the right caster, we are happy to help with any of your questions. Contact us a Lei Ming and our team will assist you in finding the best solution to your load carrying needs.

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