Home Furnishing Industry

Lei Ming Industrial Co., Ltd. is an OEM and ODM manufacturer of a broad range of furniture casters. With many styles and models to choose from, including zinc alloy casters, twin casters, medical and instrument casters, and heavy-duty casters, Lei Ming has a caster suitable for any furniture or equipment application. At Lei Ming we specialize in the design and manufacturing of casters for office chairs, gaming chairs, push carts and other home furniture. Lei Ming has a caster to meet any need.

High quality casters make the transport and movement of equipment and furniture convenient and easy. Casters are exposed to many taxing conditions, such as heavy loading, impacts, vibration, friction, stress, and extended continuous use. A caster must be designed to endure these varying conditions. Lei Ming can help you design and manufacture the right caster that will not only meet your application needs but will present an elegant and attractive appearance. We work with you to choose the right materials, sizes, colors, and style for the most reliable and appealing caster for your application.

Lei Ming is your one stop provider for home, office, and industrial casters. Our design department will work with you to design the caster ideal for your needs. Our high-capacity manufacturing facilities cover everything from plastic injection mold making, plastic injection, metal stamping and surface processing, to assembly and packaging all on site.

  • Surface Conditions to Consider:

    With home furniture, consideration needs to be made to match the caster with the surface it will be used on. Is the floor smooth or rough? What size and diameter best suits the load and motion applied? Can the wheel material possibly stain floor surface? We will help you choose the right materials for these conditions.

  • Caster Care:

    To ensure safe and lasting use, casters should be checked regularly for looseness. Oiling moving parts will allow casters to swivel freely and the wheels to rotate smoothly, improving function and durability. Casters are consumable items which can be conveniently replaced, so regularly inspecting for scratches, cracks, and wear, and replacing when needed, will ensure reliable use.

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